LOCALS Release Anthemic Apology Song “Think Before I Talk” (Cover of Astrid S)

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Let’s bring it back to good vibes of the 1980’s! Swedish band LOCALS has got us hooked on their new retro style song “Think Before I Talk.” The song was originally done by Astrid S (in 2017). This killer cover by LOCALS came out a couple weeks ago and has already been streamed on Spotify 10,000 times. The lyrics of the song are an honest apology to someone for saying the wrong things and saying things that aren’t even meant. It’s the perfect song to send to someone you have recently upset. It’s the perfect song to use to ask for forgiveness. It’s upbeat enough and feel-good enough to make the listener really accept an apology. There’s some vintage sounding synthesizers in the song that really set an emotional tone. This version of the song is a true powerhouse anthem!

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