RIVER WHYLESS Brings Strong Lyrics to Soothing Song

River Whyless - MAIN - Credit Shervin Lainez.jpg

“Motel 6” by River Whyless is the perfect midnight jam that makes you reflect on the past and question your future plans. The song is an emotional ballad about leaving a lover behind and the lows of being on tour with the captivating lyrics “I’ve spent my whole life moving, I’ve spent my whole life on a road.” The beautiful harmonies solidify the song and accurately display the bands pure talent. The song is both peaceful and soothing but still reflective. “I’m terrified of waking up alone” is a strong line that echos a few times in the song, but continues to echo in the minds of everyone who listens. Everyone is afraid of being alone but not many people are brave enough to admit it. Leave it to a songwriter…

“Kindness, A Rebel” the full length album will be out on June 8th, 2018.

Check out the split-screen video on YouTube for “Motel 6” now:

You can hear it on Spotify too:

More info about River Whyless:


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