“The Pulse” by 18 Year Old Poet John Bernabe Mendoza Ignalagin

The Pulse by John Bernabe Mendoza Ignalagin

the love of one who is enchanted
captivated and incarcerated
of that wonderful feeling
and I’m nowhere to go

actually, I don’t want to go
and I’ll never let go
to prove what I’ve said is true
look and see what’s inside my heart

let me have the privilege
to tell you something
something about love

love is like wind,
you can’t see it but can feel it
it is like wind,
you can feel it, but may let it pass

love is like wind,
when you let it pass then it’s gone
it is like wind when it’s gone,
it’s already gone, will never come back

let me have the privilege again
to tell you something
something about my love

my love for you is like waiting forever
it extends from here to mars
my love is priceless – invaluable
the strongest fortress crafted by me

you may consider my love as narcissistic
but let the gravity defies me
my concern is genuine
my concern is pure

let me have the privilege for the last time
to tell you something
something about I love

what I really like about you is…
your smile when the camera clicks
the way you wait when the bell rings
when you listen to the ticktock of clock

being with you,
if that’s just a dream,
I want to leave reality
let’s say, see you in my dreams then

Love is being happy for someone
though you’re hurt
Love is like losing things
the more you search for

I love the wind whispers in my ears
I love the ocean touches my feet
I love the moon watching me
but I love you the most

the crown has power and I have none
I don’t have a good head
but please let me understand
my future is to put the ring in you

yet I hate that we may part
how I wish time would run slowly
longing for you is a sweet sorrow
but may the stars give us endless hours

I know, I love, I am ready
you go, You leave, You walk away
that’s fine, that’s okay, that’s expected
well, actually, it will never be

John Bernabe Mendoza Ignalagin Author Bio:

He is 18 yrs old, born on October 24, 1999. He graduated Senior High School in Taguig Science High School. He loves to read novels, listen to pop music, watch TV series and write poems. He sees poetry as a language that can show one’s true feelings and emotions. He has many aims in life to shape into reality but one thing is for sure, he’ll do everything to live them. Being a doctor is the dream he wants to pursue the most so he can help those people who need medical assistance. He truly believes that by having persistence, perseverance and grit, anyone is capable of reaching their goals even it may seem impossible to overcome.


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