Big Mother Gig Returns with Attitudinal, Punky Single ‘(Let’s Make) Compelling Content’

5 16 18 Big Mother Gig.jpgBig Mother Gig’s ‘(Lets Make) Compelling Content’ is well-messaged honky rock tune. “When the lads of BIG MOTHER GIG broke their 20-year hiatus in 2017,” the said, “they had no idea they’d still be at it a year later.” “With this single,” one band member revels reveals, “we wanted to talk about what it’s been like returning to a very different music scene and a very different world.” The attitudinal, tongue-in-cheek seemingly self-referential lyrics are on point. Vocally, the delivery is there in full force. Musically, these guys are still making rowdy pop punk. Things may have changed a lot since these guys were last on the scene, but some things – like quality musicianship and talent – never change. Check out ‘(Let’s Make) Compelling Content’ below!

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Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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