Artist of the Day: Simon D James with Second Release “In the Fields”


Talented singer-songwriter, Simon D James is back with a follow up to his debut release “Dearest Lovely World.” We covered his last song in an article in February and we were very excited to hear that he put out a new song! This new dynamic single is called “In the Fields” and has a folky-vibe. It feels slightly more upbeat than his debut release. “In the Fields” has some really interesting acoustic guitar parts that carry the song to a higher place. The vocals are smooth, including the soft background vocals by Iva Vuchenovic, and are at a slower rhythm then those beautiful guitars but the music still blends together effortlessly. The end of the song is quite epic sounding and definitely leaves the listener feeling great by the last note. “In the Fields” was recorded at Green Mount Studios by Jamis Lockhart and Lee Smith and released by Yellowbrick Records.

Watch the gorgeous nature-filled video on YouTube:

Video shot by Sylvan Kalviac.

You can also hear the song and more like it in this playlist on Spotify:

Follow Simon!


Written by Ryan Cassata


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