Nate Daviau Shares Brilliant New Song & Insight to his Writing Style


With a cigarette dangling from his mouth and an acoustic guitar in his hands is singer-songwriter Nate Daviau. Although the songwriter comes from Toronto, he has been greatly influenced by country music of the South and has made it his true sound. Nate’s new song is a country hit titled “Miss Him Too” and dives into the topic of the person you love changing into a different person who isn’t as likeable. Although this song wasn’t written about Nate’s personal experience, the listener feels like it is because Nate sings it with such passion and conviction. His lyrics and emotion are extremely convincing and impacting.

“I love writing country music cause you can get real clever with it. The sentiment of what I’m singing is not original. The authenticity comes from the unique way I choose to express it.” – Nate Daviau 

You miss the man you fell in love with, well honey, I miss him too.

You can hear this song on Spotify now:

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