The Gentlemen that make up Call Me Malcolm….Oh, and the Onion too


Call Me Malcolm is a fantastic ska/punk that originated in London, England. The band has just released a new album titled “I Was Broken When You Got Here” on Spotify. On that album is a great song titled “The Gentleman and the Onion.” We are so glad we heard it! The song is oozing with hardcore emotional punk vocals similar to alternative old school  band “The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.” Unlike most punk bands, Call Me Malcolm adds a little darkness to the ska vibe in this song, making their headway as one of the best bands of 2018 in their genre, according to other bands in the music scene. This single has a lot of unique sounds from melodic trumpets to killer guitar riffs, that will get any in the punk scene off their feet and skanking in the mosh pit.

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Written by Christina Suraci / Twitter : iluvbeefstew and IG : ilovebeefstew


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