Odd Holiday Writes Great Punk Song After Hitting Head & Fainting

Odd Holiday is a newly-formed punk rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. They have just released a song titled “Hypnotized” which feels similar to older punk-rock from the 70’s and 80’s melodically but production wise feels more modern. The song is well-written and stays interesting from top to bottom with very catchy hooks. The band cites being influenced by modern punk and some old school punk bands like The Clash, The Stranglers, and The Buzzcocks. RTP can definitely hear those influences in this great single! The guitar solo at the end of the track really brings the song to a head. However, the song just ends after the solo is done. It’s a great tactic to make the listener want to play the song again and again. Rock the Pigeon sure played it again.


How did this song come along? In the most punk-rock way possible. One of the writers in Odd Holiday says: “I was standing on the edge of my toilet hanging a clock, the porcelain was wet, I slipped, hit my head on the sink, and when I came to I had a revelation! A vision! A song in my head!”

That’s how all great songs are born right?

Now go get Hypnotized!


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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