Trevor Ohlsen’s Sound 2 Years Ago vs. Today

We wanted to take a moment to do a flashback to a great song that was released a couple years ago on YouTube. Trevor Ohlsen’s voice is just so angelic that we wanted to be sure to highlight this beautiful track that was originally released on YouTube in May of 2016. “Michigan” is a beautifully written alternative song that is played acoustically. It has elements of both new-school emo music and also of folk music. Trevor’s song features excellent lyrics that share a compelling story of love and longing.

You can hear this song on YouTube:

Trevor Ohlsen has just released a new song called “Slip ‘n Slide” on May 1st, 2018. This song has more of a pop vibe similar to the popular boy bands of the 1990’s and of today. His sound has definitely transformed into a more radio-friendly sound over the last couple years. True Talent!

Hear it on Spotify now:

He also vlogs about his studio experiences on YouTube:

Social Media:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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