Handmade Moments will Transport You to the Heart of Arkansas


Anna Moss and Joel Ludford make up the bluesy-folk-country duo from Arkansas. They call themselves Handmade Moments. Carrying the spirit of the Ozark Mountains and that good country-style-living, the two fuse together flawlessly to create a sound that is so interesting to listen to. You won’t want to turn it off! They have just released their new record titled “Paw Paw Tree” on May 21st, 2018. We wanted to highlight a song from that epic record called “Where Do You Find The Time?” I’m sure people can relate to the song just from the title! The song has gorgeous harmonies and some country style instruments to give it a great vibe. The songwriting is top-notch and the production really shines!

Hear the album on Spotify:

Handmade Moments Social Media:

We also put the song on this playlist with some songs that have a similar vibe:


Written by Ryan Cassata


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