Sibling Duo-AnastasiaMax Drop Compelling Debut EP “The Haunt”

unnamed (1).png
AnastasiaMax dropped their debut EP “The Haunt” on May 11th and we we’re so excited to get a taste of it. Hailing from Boca Raton, Florida are 18 year old, Maxamillion and 14 year old, Anastasia, a sibling duo with a mature sound. The two bring a fresh vibe to the genre of rock with emotional vocals and pounding drums. With singing voices that blend flawlessly together and extremely catchy melodies, their song “Brat” feels like an ultimate hit that can drive them into ultimate stardom. They remind Rock The Pigeon of early Paramore and/or a heavier version of “Of Monsters and Men.” Whatever it is, their sound is one that music fans will be sure to love. We are stoked to watch their come up. It’s definitely going to happen for these young rockers.

Check out the EP on Spotify now:

We put them on this playlist on Spotify with songs of a similar vibe:

Follow them on FB:

Written by Ryan Cassata


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