Discovering The Nova Darlings, an Indie Rock Sensation


The Nova Darlings are the latest indie rock sensation to hit the scene. Their new single “Knife to the Heart” has softly sung vocals that are packed with feeling. The Los Angeles-based 4 piece-band sounds tight together and the instrumentation really works with the songwriting style. The hook of the song is incredibly strong and can resonate with just about anyone that is about to undergo a major change or is strongly wishing for a change in their lifestyle. There’s a sentiment of sadness with a willingness to have something better. The sound feels a bit like a mix between early emo music (especially the lyrics) and indie rock at times. It’s a fresh sound!

Hear the song on Spotify:

“A song about intentions
A song about transformation
A song about surgery
A song about self-mutilation” – The Nova Darlings

We’ve added the song to this playlist on Spotify with some similar sounding songs:

They also just dropped this single “I Like Crashing My Car (Into Yours)” on June 1st:

Catch the band on Social Media:

Written by Ryan Cassata


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