No Dry County’s Dreamed-Up Song is a Bluesy Rock N’ Roll Hit


No Dry County has that bluesy rock sound that will just about drive you insane…in a good way. Their new song is called “Elvis Gun Runner” and can be heard on SoundCloud. The track is a contagious quickly-paced rock song that combines country, blues, classic rock and Americana in a tasteful way. The song is about traveling and meeting people at truck stops. The singer sings a golden line “I should stop and leave a postcard for my mama.” The band gigs frequently and plays about 100 shows per year. Check out their website below and go catch a show! We are sure they will blow you away!

Go listen to this epic sound now!

“‘Elvis’ is the first song I’ve ever woken from a dream and written immediately,” NDP singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist Trent Langford says. “In said dream, Amarillo storyteller Heath Tolleson describes the adventures of Lubbock songwriter Danny Cadra, in which he works as a runner for an arms trafficking outfit funded by Elvis Presley. The most outrageous part of the process is that the music was written in the dream as well, as if I was watching a trailer for a movie (including an ode to Wilson Pickett during the instrumental). I woke up at 4AM, wrote it all down and went back to bed slightly disturbed and distressed at what might be waiting for me in my next slumber.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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