Caelo’s ‘How Does It Feel’ Is Progressive Pop Punk

6 6 18 CaeloCaelo’s ‘How Does It Feel’ is an immaculately-produced pop punk B-side. “Music,” the South African band says, “is a means of self-actualising. Song-writing is not just an expressive exercise, but a way of engaging, of asking tough questions.” These guys have a glitzy, radio-oriented sound that combines elements of (relatively) new progressive rock bands like Muse and Coheed and Cambria with the melancholic pop punk sensibility of groups like Real Friends or Moose Blood. These guys are really tight musicians. Behind that, they are well-versed composers. These guys have a lot to offer. Check out ‘How Does It Feel’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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