Artist of the Day: Gus Harrower, a Young Singer w a Mature Voice


Are you wondering what you should listen to today? We think you should jam out to Gus Harrower‘s new song “Wonder.” Why? Because it’s completely wonderful! Gus Harrower’s voice is smooth and soothing, cuts deep into the soul, and lights a fire that lasts long after the song has finished spinning. The singer is quite young but has a very mature vocal. The song takes several unexpected turns throughout the 3 minutes and 38 seconds of playtime. Starting off slow with great keyboard tracks, the song lifts to quicker vocals and becomes more of a jam as it gets closer to the chorus. The chorus explodes in listeners ears and quickly hooks you in!

You can hear this beautiful track on Spotify now:

What’s this song about anyway?

“I wrote Wonder after seeing how invested people become in the mundane minutiae of the lives of celebrities…It bewilders me how we get so dragged in to stories of relationships, pregnancies and those of general gossip rather than focusing on the bigger matters around the world.” – Gus Harrower

Yes! We are hooked on “Wonder” too. Go follow Gus so you don’t miss the next release!

and @gusharrower on Instagram.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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