‘Old Moods’ by Astral Cloud Ashes Fuses Old School Emo Pop with a Modern Approach

6 10 18 Astral Cloud Ashes‘Old Moods’ by Astral Cloud Ashes is a strong, deeply melodic showing from this one-man emo project. “Influenced by both the rise of bitcoin and Japanese culture,” the new album Dear Absentee Creator covers a lot of sonic ground with poise and skill. ‘Old Moods’ is a little more laid back and 2000s-oriented than a lot of modern emo pop, but the fusion of this sound with more contemporary production techniques and vocals has resulted in something truly original. Material that takes a unique point of view is kind of hard to come across in this genre, which makes this track all the more impressive. There’s a real loneliness that this project does a great job of capturing. Maybe that’s due in part to its roots on the small Isle of Jersey in the English Channel. You really get a sense here that this music is an immutable embodiment of the person behind it. This is really worth a listen. Check out ‘Old Moods’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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