The Legendary Tigerman’s ‘Motorcycle Boy’ Is Straightforward Blues Punk with a Compelling Mini-Doc

6 13 18 The Legendary TigermanThe Legendary Tigerman’s ‘Motorcycle Boy’ is straightforward, retro Portuguese blues punk framed within a mini documentary about Japanese motorcycle culture. Paulo Furtado, the artist behind Legendary Tigerman, plays “with the clichés of rocker macho… [and] 50’s aesthetics,” to deliver, “racy and stripped blues-rock.” The video discussing “Bosozoku culture; Japanese biker gangs,” was shot in Japan last February in Chiba, close to Tokyo. It features Takayuki Kaneoya, boss of a former local section of Bosozoku, who for the purpose of this video accepted to reform his gang and tell his story.” The documentary is really compelling and the music works really well with it. The song’s straightforward simplicity really embodies the self-sufficiency, rebellion and fraternal culture of the Bosozuku lifestyle. This is an exceptional piece of work. Check out ‘Motorcycle Boy’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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