Devils Wielding Scimitars new EP has Impressive Guitars & Great Vocals (EP Review)

Devils Wielding Scimitars
may be one of the most unique band names we have ever heard and they have a super unique and fun sound to go with that name! Suzy Callahan leads the indie-rock band Devils Wielding Scimitars. On the last day of May they released their 4-song EP titled “Billy Indian” which is just 13 minutes in length. It was a pleasure to dive into this EP and get a taste of the thrilling sound that it brings to the ears.

“Billy Indian” pulls flavors from classic rock, psychedelic rock, folk music and 90’s rock to create a sound that feels slightly retro and definitely fresh and exciting. The second track is called “Be My Drug” and may remind listeners a bit of Fleetwood Mac and a less rebellious version of Joan Jett. The vibe of the EP is definitely rock n’ roll as there are many impressive electric guitar solos and vocals that cover a wide range. The EP feels more psychedelic as you near it’s end. “Room Within a Room” and “Misery” are both catchy songs and feel slightly more psych rock than the first two songs on the EP. Great sounding EP! We are hoping for a full length record from Devils Wielding Scimitars soon.

Experience 13 minutes of rock n’ roll bliss:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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