Joslyn and the Sweet Compression Keep Fans Hungry, Release One Great Funk Song at a Time


Oooo yeah, let’s get funky! Joslyn and the Sweet Compression is bringing them godly funk vibes with their smash hit “Honey, Be.” The song is incredibly soulful, retro-sounding, and soothing to the soul. The vocals lay perfectly on top of the natural groove that the band jams on. The horn section comes in at the most fitting time to bring it to that next level that you didn’t even know you craved ’til they starting blaring. The band works together to write songs that have excellent lyrics, tasteful melodies and hooks, and most importantly…a great groove. They’ve done just that with “Honey, Be”! Joslyn and the Sweet Compression is an incredible blessing to the music world!

The band will be releasing one song at a time throughout the year. We are already so hungry for more of this sweet sound!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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