Dreamcatchr’s ‘Taste and Color’ Is Mysteriously Sunny Melodic Indie Rock

6 20 18 DreamcatchrDreamcatchr’s ‘Taste and Color’ is mysteriously sunny, melodic indie rock with a strong pop sensibility. “‘Taste and Color’ is the first single from dreamcatchr’s new catalog of music,” they say, and a “preview of what they have been working on over the past year.” It “is indicative of the sound they’ve found as a band. The group recorded with Seattle go-to producer/engineer Dylan Wall between the Hall of Justice recording studio and Dylan’s home studio.” These guys have quality guitar work and rhythm section that won’t quit. All of the instruments come together really nicely in the mix. On top of that, the vocal performance is truly top notch. These guys are real up-and-comers. Check out ‘Taste and Color’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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