Artist of the Day: Cimo Fränkel w/ Explosive Hit “Where Do You Hide Your Love”

Cimo Fränkel is a talented artist, singer, and producer from the Netherlands. He has just released a new song and music video for a killer song titled “Where Do You Hide Your Love.” The song is so contagious as the hook is insanely explosive. The vocals are quite impressive and are loaded with emotion and show how far Cimo’s talent stretches. The song is well written, well produced, and well sung. That’s not an easy feat for a man doing it all by himself. The video features some epic lights and dancing as well! See it for yourself on YouTube:

His music is similar to Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson. It definitely fits in the pop realm but also feels slightly retro! What do you think?

More info on this incredible artist can be found here:

We put his song on this playlist on Spotify as well with some similar vibes:


Written by Ryan Cassata


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