Artist of the Day: Dustin Tebbutt w/ Sweet Vocal on “Love Is Blind”

Today our artist of the day is Dustin Tebbutt! Dustin Tebbutt is an Australian artist who is just about to explode onto the top charts. He has already impressively gathered 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify. It’s easy to figure out why he’s had so much success as his music is incredibly likeable to a wide variety of people. He has an impressive vocal range and a soft voice that comes across as soothing and sweet, especially in his new somber song titled “Love Is Blind.” He sings in his chest voice and falsetto in “Love Is Blind.” There’s a video for this song on YouTube that features some excellent and artistic dancing. The dancers move along perfectly to the groove of the song. Both the song and the video are simple in production but feel perfect the way that they are and can clearly keep an audience captivated. This is quite the treat…

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