‘Traps’ by Tact Actors Is Fuzzy, Laid-Back Surf-Oriented Alt-Rock

6 28 18 Tact Actors.jpeg‘Traps’ by Tact Actors is a slow, fuzzy and eclectic take on classic surf rock. “Tact Actors was formed in 2010 by former bandmates David Cotton and Michael Allen,” they say. “After years in another Houston based band, Cotton began to grow restless, and with a box of tapes of half-written songs, ventured out with the intent of completing his rough sketches.” Something about this tune gives the listener a clear image of how the song was written. These guys do a really good job of putting compelling flourishes on the skeleton of a simple rock song. The slow, homely fuzziness that accents the spectacularly consistent composition is fun and upbeat yet also very relaxing. This band really knows what they’re doing. Check out ‘Traps’ below!

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