Get Mesmerized by Lauren O’Connell’s New Record “Details”


Earlier this year, amazing singer-songwriter Lauren O’Connell released a full length album titled “Details.” This record shows off O’Connell’s natural ability to write a compelling song that shows true emotion and passion. Not only that, but the production of the tracks shines light on O’Connell’s sweet vocal talent. She has a truly unique voice that is easy to fall in love with. One of our favorite songs from this lovable record is titled “In on the Joke.” There’s a strong sense of adventure that comes through the recording which contains sweet yet powerful vocals and intriguing story-telling lyrics. We are sure you are going to love this artist who is building a great following rather quickly.

You can hear the album in it’s entirety on Spotify:

Feeling mesmerized yet?

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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