Artist of the Day: Darryl Morris Re-releases a Thought-Provoking Sound “My Name”


We wanted to take a moment today to flash back to a song that was released on Youtube over 10 years ago. It’s called “My Name” by a courageous singer-songwriter Darryl Morris. The song that was originally released in 2007 has been released again this past June. It’s a song that brings awareness to growing up without a father, growing up impoverished, and growing up oppressed. Even though the honest song has really sad lyrical and musical moments, there is a sense of hope in the song. Darryl Morris comes off as a grateful man, appreciating the opportunities and experiences he has had, and speaks about continuing to move on and climb up the ladder. This is Darryl Morris first public release since uploading the music video in 2007. Enjoy!

You can hear it on Spotify:

You can see the original video on YouTube:

More info about Darryl:

“Darryl has been welcomed and received as a solo acoustic artist in various venues and some of the finest Colleges and Universities throughout the country. Darryl would like to have the opportunity to perform music that can be experienced by all people of the world regardless of age, sex, color and/or ethnic origins. His main goal is to make a positive impact on an individual’s consciousness by creating music to be enjoyed and remembered. (via SubmitHub)”

Written by Ryan Cassata

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