Scott Martin Shows Us His “Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart”


Scott Martin has just released his second solo single titled “Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart.” This song is anthemic in a 1980’s glam rock way with a towering chorus and emotional vocals that hit listeners right in the heart. The lyrical content of the song is about really feeling in love with someone but being a bit fearful that the love will eventually turn into pain if the relationship ends. The song is produced quite well and has excellent melodic guitars that add to the energetic vibe of the track. The instrumentation fit perfectly with the songwriting style. It’s a true hit! Aside from doing his solo music, the New York City singer-songwriter also plays with the rock bands Bulletproof Messenger and Storm of the Century.

You can hear the song on Soundcloud:

It’s also available on Spotify:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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