A Poem by Wulf James, a Non Binary Photographer & Poet

Wulf James, nonbinary journalist from Oklahoma


if all good stories are told around a campfire, then let me build one in your bones.

we can use the pit in your stomach

where you tell me you keep

all the dark things and

butterflies pinned to the wall,

an exhibition of all the faded loves

mounted and sealed behind glass,

where they can’t hurt you anymore.

i want to see the shadows move across

your lips like herds of wild stallions

impossible to catch, but beautiful.

and as the embers die, and your skeleton

cools in the midnight velvet breeze,

i will bundle up the museum

cataloging each piece with my own descriptions,

showcasing strength and compassion

where you see faults and weakness.

tell me your stories out here under the stars,

let my bones light your bones,

and the rattle of bare souls singe away

the loneliness of the fall.




Artist Bio: Wulf James is a journalist and photographer in Southen Oklahoma. They’re passionate about a few things, including politics and dogs. Current projects include capturing family and local events to share with others, in whatever medium is handy and writing a creative nonfiction novel about what the transgender experience is really like. 

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