Kat Hamilton’s Breathtaking Debut Single “Bees” has the Power to Help Many

Recently, Rock the Pigeon had the privilege of interviewing California-based artist Kat Hamilton about her art, goals, life experiences and her debut single as a solo artist titled “Bees.” She was quick to open up about the things that have shaped her life and have driven her music and it is clear that she puts a significant amount of energy into her art.

Kat Hamilton is a young singer-songwriter who previously fronted a nationally touring pop-punk band called Manic Pixi. She is currently in the studio recording song after song and will release a ton of music as a solo artist. Her first full length record is set to drop in the Fall of this year.


Hamilton has been down a rough road and has struggled with anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Those mental struggles have fueled the fire of her songwriting and have inspired her to be more creative as a solo artist. Her new song “Bees” is about these struggles. The lyrics are emotional and deep and provide a space for people to feel their emotions and relate to someone on a human level. This song has the power to help other people struggling with mental illnesses to feel understood. Kat Hamilton has always been very vocal about her support of mental illness communities and the LGBTQ community as well.

In the compelling music video for her debut indie-rock single “Bees” Kat Hamilton is seen painting with local artist Dave Robinson. The beautiful painting flows perfectly with the well-produced indie-rock track and Kat’s soothing and raw voice. Kat Hamilton is not only a great visual artist but a great singer and songwriter. We are certain that you will love this one. Go see it for yourself:

“I discovered my love for painting while at the darkest mental illness bottom I’ve ever had. I didn’t want to live or create anymore. I couldn’t imagine ever being okay again and I held music partially responsible for that. My mom couldn’t watch me suffer anymore, so she suggested that I paint a mural in her office. That’s where it began. Ironically, finding painting brought me closer to my music again. It opened up my heart enough to write a song from it. It felt only fitting that I would be painting in the video for my first release since that time.” – Kat Hamilton

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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