‘What Say You?’ by Marcus: The Apex Predator! Is the Best Modern Post-Hardcore Has to Offer

7 17 18 Marcus The Apex Predator‘What Say You?’ by Marcus: The Apex Predator! is a deeply melodic post-hardcore studio project out of Dearborn, Michigan. These guys are “in search of a sonic existence in the ethereal space between angular guitar riffs, purposefully thunderous drums, and infiltrating melodic elements that trespass like a squatter in your ear, only to end up your welcome neighbor.” They say, “if a predatory feline liked loud guitars and cool rhythms, it would sound like us,” explaining their name. One of the most striking things about this piece is its sheer density. The full, hearty Jawbox-reminiscent vocals sit over thick, syrupy guitars. Behind them, the hyper-melodic bass line may be the underdog highlight on here. Of course, the emotive, pounding drums keep the dynamic, far-reaching piece together. This is truly one of the best bands we’ve reviewed in a long time. Please check out ‘What Say You?’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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