Big Ali, Busta Rhymes, and R-Wan Give Us the Party Anthem We Need this Summer


Big Ali, Busta Rhymes, and R-Wan have come together for a big sounding party song titled “Bottles Up.” The infectious single was released on July 6th on Restricted Records and has already gathered an impressive 210,000 streams on SoundCloud and 220,000 on Spotify. What else could one expect from these three artists? “Bottles Up” will probably become the most played song at every major rage party for the summer of 2018. The sound is so explosive that is completely amps up listeners to feel ready to party all night long. The rap verses have great flow and add a lot to the track. Big props to Big Ali, Busta Rhymes and R-Wan for this party anthem. Be sure to add this great track to your party playlist and watch your friends get crazy!

Hear it on SoundCloud now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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