Discover the “Edge of the USA” with Thompson Faulk


Thompson Faulk is out with a grand 9 song record titled “Edge of the USA.” The record was recently released in early June 2018. One of Rock the Pigeon’s favorite tracks on this impressive record is “Blink of an Eye.” The song carries of a true country and folk spirit in it’s instrumentation and in it’s strong story-telling lyrical content. The vocal melody is contagious during both the verse and the chorus which is the true mark of great songwriting abilities. The song has a nostalgic vibe to it as Thompson Faulk talks about a family (or his family) which anyone can relate to, especially if they grew up on the “edge of the USA.” The song talks about how life moves quickly and sends out a authentic message of living in the moment and on life’s terms. The song feels hopeful and honest. Another great song on this record is called “Your Love Is A Fire” and has a slightly more romantic and upbeat vibe to it. You can hear these songs and the album in it’s entirety on Spotify right now:

More info about Thompson Faulk can be found on his website.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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