[Exclusive Interview] CATTY Chats with us About New Single “Maybe All The Rumours Are True”

Check out our interview with CATTY and listen to her latest song to find out if all the rumours are true or not.

CATTY is an independent artist, singer, songwriter whose music is heavily inspired by pop/rock and her upbringing in rural Wales. She started her career in pop duo Dusky Grey in 2016 before moving to London and becoming a solo artist in 2021.

Published by Bucks Music Group, she’s released three singles so far, earning her a place on the BBC Radio Wales A List, support from Spotify and Apple Music editorial playlists (New Music Friday (UK, Deutschland, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Switzerland), Life Sucks, SALT, Next Gen Singer-Songwriters, sad hour, Breaking Pop) and surpassed 700,000 streams, whilst building a base of loyal monthly listeners.

Her band Dusky Grey have also garnered 40 million streams as well as selling out shows in London, Wales and opening for Lewis Capaldi in Kew Gardens.CATTY‘s music follows the trepidation of life and love as a queer woman, often alluding to how truly awful the whole “love” thing can be.

The song immediately greets us with an upbeat instrumental and a high energy vocal that leads us eloquently into the chorus via the catchy pre-chorus. When we get to the chorus, it’s got us wanting to scream and shout the lyrics along with CATTY. The fast paced structure of the song combined with the catchy vocal melodies throughout the entire track really packs a punch, with the bridge really tying the song perfectly together. From the lyrical direction of the song to the catchiness of the lyrics and vocal melodies combined with CATTY’s own personal touches, this song is a MUST LISTEN if you are into pop rock.

I had the privilege of interviewing her about the song, check out the exclusive interview below!

Bryce Quartz: What inspired you to create this track and what does the song mean to you?

CATTY: Honestly the inspiration was “what would my younger self want to hear?”
It’s pretty accurate lyrically of my late teens / early twenties. I lived in a very small (and extremely beautiful) town but I remember being asked in secondary school if I was queer and the way this girl asked me that question terrified me. It felt like if I said yes she’d treat me differently so I pushed all of those feelings so far down but it was always in the back of my head. I feel like i’m in such a position of privilege right now because everyone in my life is really great but I know that’s not the case for everybody so I just wanted to write something that said “there’s nothing wrong with you” even if right now you have to listen to it alone.

Bryce Quartz: Are there any other artists or songs out right now that inspire your sound?

CATTY: 100%. I think my sound makes so much sense when you find out what I listen to. I’ve always loved Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett – I spent hours when I was younger just obsessively watching interviews of artists that inspired me. They’re so unapologetically themselves, I’ve always craved that. I think it’s such a human thing to want to be liked but it’s so powerful not to care. 

I always go back to Greta Van Fleet, Fleetwood Mac, St Vincent, Miley Cyrus and the Divinyls but I also just really love the pop girls. I listen to a lot of Fletcher and Self Esteem but the most played song on my spotify right now is the goddard. remix of “go” by Cat Burns – it’s a real mix.

Bryce Quartz: What were the vibes like in the studio when you recorded this track?

CATTY: The vibes were great. I write a lot of my songs with writer and producer Ben Lythe and he’s really become one of my best friends and favourite people on earth. I changed the way I work recently – I used to do 5/6 writing sessions a week and I just didn’t really have much of a life. Now the balance is a lot better and I only really write for my project when I have something to say. So I call Ben or I sit on his sofa, we talk about it and it just pours out. We both get really excited and just match each other’s energy – working with him makes me feel really lucky.

Bryce Quartz: What does being openly queer in the music industry mean to you personally?

CATTY: I went back and forth about it for a long time. I wasn’t going to say anything because it feels like people are successful first and then they come out but I just got tired of not being honest with myself. Some of my songs have female pronouns, some have none and some have male ones – i’m just writing about my life.

Bryce Quartz: If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

CATTY: Put a little less energy into making everybody else happy and a little more energy into making sure you’re happy.

Bryce Quartz: What advice would you give other young queer people who might be reading this?

CATTY: If you haven’t found your people yet – you will. Come out when it’s safe to do so, there are good people waiting for you. Nothing’s wrong with you.

Bryce Quartz: What can we expect next from you?

CATTY: I’m so proud of the next couple of songs we’re releasing. I really feel like i’ve found my sound and i’m so proud of it. I’ve started doing live shows so expect more of that and my dream right now is to work towards a headline tour and an album.

Thank you for taking the time to answer those questions for us, CATTY!

Be sure to stream “Maybe All The Rumours Are True” on all platforms now, and follow CATTY on social media below!

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