Indie Rock Duo Space Case Release New Single “Beefcake”

Get ready for a song that will immediately get stuck in your head.

Space Case is a Nashville based dream pop/indie rock duo. The band consists of singer Danny Johns and producer Ryan Melone. All of their music is independently released through Gumdrop Records. One look at their Instagram, and you’re sure to be enamored by their overall vibe.

The new song begins with a lighthearted instrumental with a steady bass line along with clean vocals and catchy lyrics right off the bat. This song really brings you into the vibe immediately with all of these elements, with a groove that just makes you want to bounce along with the song. I really enjoyed the clever lyrics throughout the song, and can definitely see people making Tik Tok dances to this. Through and through, this song is definitely a catch, making it a track to look out for.

Be sure to stream “Beefcake” by Space Case on all platforms now and follow them on social media below!

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Written By: Bryce Quartz

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