Genre-Bending Collective NOT A TOY Releases “BAD MOOD” with Supporting Video

A diverse assemblage of four creative artists whose ambitious music cross-pollinates bedroom pop, emotional melodies, aggressive rock, and trap, NOT A TOY is both band and collective. Branson Hoog, Benji Spoliansky, Jeremy Marmor, and TJ Wessel are all beat-makers and producers. Art shows, tattoo culture, and streetwear are all part of their creative identity. These four high-school friends cut their teeth skateboarding, breakdancing, and playing punk and emo gigs in Colorado.

NOT A TOY brings a bass-boosted and playful trap feel with their newest single “BAD MOOD” out now via Fearless Records. Coupled with a haunting visual by director Hudson Bloom – this ironically upbeat release is an acknowledgement of broody days. Lead vocalist Branson Hoog shares that at the single’s core, “BAD MOOD”, is a playful nod to negative emotions.

Everyone has days where they are moody, off, agitated. It’s a part of the human experience. It’s not a song about overcoming these emotions and seeing a brighter day, but rather a realistic take on how we cope with these moods and the acceptance that it’s natural. In this sense “BAD MOOD” is universally relatable.

Hoog shares that “The past few years have felt really heavy. ‘BAD MOOD’ is a snapshot of where we have found ourselves in life recently. Although the lyrics are dark, the instrumental supports the song in a fun carefree way. It’s not about being triumphant or fixing your mood, but channeling that energy and not taking the darkness as seriously.”

Listen to NOT A TOY‘s “BAD MOOD” everywhere now.

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