Songwriter Rhymes “Mona Lisa” with “Pizza” in Low Budget Free Style Acoustic Ballad


When you get past the low-budget audio quality and really focus on the lyrical content of Ramone Henry’s song you will discover that you are quite amused. “Mona Lisa Eating Pizza” is a romantic song but feels quite comedic at the same time. I mean who else besides Ramone Henry has been clever enough to rhyme Mona Lisa with Pizza? Out of the hundreds of articles Rock The Pigeon has put out into the world and the thousands of songs we have listened to through submissions, Mona Lisa and Pizza have never appeared in the same article or song…until now.

Ramone Henry describes this folky song as a “freestyle ballad” meaning he’s hitting record as he softly croons about this girl that tastes like Pepperoni Pizza. There’s some great rhymes in here. Give this raw recording a chance…it’s definitely unreal.

At 1:56 the song changes into a different rhythm for a moment…here at Rock The Pigeon we are just along for the ride, enjoying all different styles of indie music.

From Ramone Henry: “Yo my name is Ramone and I’m prone to make art, listen to my music cause it comes from the heart. It’s wickedly original like an ancient aboriginal, creativity and I are straight up indivisible. Thank you for reading, you’ve been very sweet! Now listen to my music cause you’re in for a treat!”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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