‘Paper Thin Excuses’ by The Irenes Is Straightforward Indie Rock with a Punk Inflection

7 22 18 The Irenes.jpeg‘Paper Thin Excuses’ by The Irenes straightforward indie rock with a punk inflection. Flexing their Californian and Liverpudlian roots, the band aims “to instill the positive and effervescent energy into their local music scene and [to re-engage] the community.” They have apparently “been generating a storm in Merseyside, leaving their audiences stunned with unforgettable experiences, picking up waves of devoted followers every time they’ve stepped foot and exerted their energy into a venue.” This is nothing short of a solid debut track. The pulsing bass line and emotive guitars are reminiscent of post-punk and Britpop acts of days past. There’s a cool, understated energy on here that nobody can help but want to be apart of. The unpretentious, focused tone in conjunction with its deeply melodic nature makes for an unforgettable song. Check out ‘Paper Thin Excuses’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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