Brand’s ‘Our Names’ Is Fuzzy, Self-Reflective Electronic Rock

7 22 18 BrandBrand’s ‘Our Names’ is fuzzy, self-reflective rock music that relies heavily on electronic elements. “Let me be open to the open road,” this artist pleads, “where it leads and where it won’t,” with a smile. This short, intense tune revolves around bubbly lo-fi synths pulsating over a dynamic bass line. This guy’s vocals are bursting with personality. There’s something sweet and sultry about them, yet they relay a deep sense of honesty. In a lot of ways, including the interspersed screams, he seems influenced by bedroom pop acts like Nickasaur or Salvia Palth. Overall, the track’s short, chaotic nature hints at a punk rock background. There’s angst in here, but it’s packaged in a sarcastic, self-deprecating bubble that offsets it to the point of straight up pleasantness. This is a quality track from a quality artist. Check out ‘Our Name’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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