DD Walker’s ‘Malibu’ Is Clean, Fast Shoegaze with a Pop Sensibility

7 22 18 DD Walker.jpgDD Walker’s ‘Malibu’ is clean, fast shoegaze with a notable pop sensibility. This artist describes his work as, “guitars nodding at new wave,” and “post-punk drumming recalling late aughts indie,” along with, “manipulated synths and samples,” over “crashing waves of dub thrown delay pedals.” In short, it’s “an exercise in the anxieties of modern love in crowded places.” At first listen, this definitely brings Turnover to mind. Of course, this is far less gloomy and doesn’t really have any orientation in a post-hardcore tradition. The vocals on here seem reminiscent of eighties pop-rock acts like The Police or Peter Gabriel. Although this stays pretty close to modern shoegaze’s genre norms, the production on here is really something else. The bass tone is as smooth as can be, the drums punch through your headphones and the guitar floats perfectly above the mix. This project has a lot to offer. Check out ‘Malibu’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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