‘Don’t Think Just Breathe’ by The Couch Jackets Is Eclectic, Groovy Rock Music

7 22 18 Couch Jackets‘Don’t Think Just Breathe’ by The Couch Jackets is eclectic, groovy rock music with a retro flair. These guys lead with a distinct form of irreverent humor. “These are funny guys,” their bio says. “They lead with their personalities. Yet it’s not just a joke.” The most notable element of this tune from the get-go is the keys section. This warbly organ carries the rest of the band’s sometimes progressive, sometimes psychedelic ethos perfectly. These guys do indulge in complex, almost neo-classical interlude, but they do so within the framework of their cheeky, personality-rich stoner sensibility. These guys have a unique sound and have a good handle on how to pursue it. Check out ‘Don’t Think Just Breathe’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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