Get Romantic with Matty Mac’s “Back Home”


Are you ready to get romantic? We found the perfect song to send to your significant other! Singer-songwriter & poet Matty Mac is out with a contagious pop love song just in time for your summer romance adventures. The track is titled “Back Home” and it is the opening song on his new 12 song record titled “Wealthy Conscious” (dropped July 3rd, 2018) that is available on Spotify for streaming. The song has a chill vibe with just the right amount of instrumentation and soothing vocals. However “Back Home” also feels upbeat and has a feel-good style to it making it the perfect song to send to the person you love. Go for it!

More info:

His song is featured on this playlist titled “Chill Mood” with some similar songs.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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