Artist of the Day: Lenny Zenith, An Out Rock N’ Roll Superstar with a Record that will Blow Your Mind


Politically charged music is a very valuable thing in society. Good lyrics combined with the right sounding music can convey a message that someone may not be able to understand even from speaking face to face. Music is a powerful thing.

Lenny Zenith is a rock n’ roller with an old school punk vibe to his music who writes socially political lyrics in great songs. Today we are taking a moment to highlight his new record “What If the Sun” which contains his anthemic rock song “Sunday Dress.” The song has unique lyrics and a huge empowering sound that will blow your mind. Lenny Zenith wrote this song after watching the effects of unemploment, automation and income inequality in communities in and near to Detroit.

“I saw struggling single moms fend off advances from lecherous louts at the bar after a long day. My dad was a preacher and I remembered how my mom always saved her money by buying all her nice Sunday dresses on sale when we were pretty poor.” – Lenny Zenith

The song “Sunday Dress” had pounding drums, incredibly catchy synth lines, charged guitars, and excellent vocals that are well delivered and great in tone. The production of this song is 10/10 and has easily became one of our favorite submissions from the rock genre. We are looking forward to hearing more of this pure music. Lenny Zenith has a classic rock punk sound and may remind your ears of Chicago’s own The Blues Meanies or even Elvis Costello.

The out and proud transgender revolutionary has opened for artists such as U2, Iggy Pop, The Replacements and X, and more! His song “Suddenly Someone” talks about being a transgender man in the world today. He sings the lyrics “A little bit of surgery and a pronoun change/To find your little spot along the gender range.”

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“…years after his quiet transition, he has crafted a legacy in rock and roll as one of the genre’s first true transgender rock stars.” – OUT Magazine

Written by Ryan Cassata

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