Queer Country Music Icon Cindy Emch is Creating Country Campfire Covers

Cindy Emch is an out and proud country music star and music curator. She has made excellent music with a wide range of people and in a long list of bands. She has also helped the queer community to rise in several ways and now she is asking for our help to bring her new country music cover song project to life! The project is being funded by community members on Indie Go Go.

You can support Cindy Emch’s project here:


“This album is going to be a love letter to late nights after the show, when the whiskey comes out, the lights go down, and the musicians gather around the campfire to create a fellowship of song. I want to sing you these songs and bring you the joy they’ve brought me. As a queer country artist this is some of how I’ve created community and chosen family – and I want to share it with you. Now let’s get moving and make some queer country music!”

Hear her incredible voice on her project Secret Emchy Society on Spotify:

Cindy also writes about queer artists on this awesome website: http://strangefiremagazine.com/

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