Are You Into Hip Christian Rock? Worship with LW Music


Christian Music has recently become more hip and big sounding since the rise of mega churches like Mosaic, Hillsong, Zoe and more… There’s a new band out on the Christian music scene to join Elevation Worship and Hillsong Worship. They are called LW Music and they have a big sound that is quite fitting to these trendy places of worship. The song combines clever vocal melodies with excellent instrumentation which may just help guide someone to a more spiritual life. It’s a quite contagious song!

You can hear the catchy song on Spotify:

LW Music is the collaborative music team from Living Waters Church located in Estero, Florida. They did a remarkable job at showing the power of God’s love in their song. Here are some of our favorite lyrics from the song:

I’ll live in love
I’ll live in peace
Because you called me to rejoice in everything
I’ll live in the hope of your return
And I’ll shout until Heaven’s gates swing open
Oh God it’s what you’ve spoken
I’m living for you

We can’t wait to hear more!

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