DREAMS! DREAMS! DREAMS! Hear Jaguar Dreams Brilliant Fleetwood Mac Cover

The classic-rock era was full of psychedelic bands and great music that was fueled by drugs like LSD and cocaine and lots of oppression and love. Fleetwood Mac is one of the bands to come out of the Classic Rock era with songs that no one will ever forget, songs that will be covered (hopefully) forever because they will be appreciated for a long time to come. The songwriting is truly timeless.

Indie-rock / electronic group Jaguar Dreams covered one of those Fleetwood Mac hits titled “Dreams.” We are certain you’ve heard it before – but never in this fashion! The song sounds much different from the original recording that was released in 1977 but still carries the same classic rock vibe deep in the heart of the music. This version has several pulsating synth noises that will quickly blow your mind and may even get you up on your feet. The stellar music video was shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at The Dream Machine. Lots of dreams happening here, huh? This is Jaguar Dreams first ever release! An EP is to follow!

Quote from the band: “Using simple instruments and modern machines to feed the primitive appetite for dance, we lucidly re-imagine “Dreams”. We’re Jaguar Dreams and this is our first release ever. We’ve been to the jungle and back to make this music and hope you’ll share this journey with us”


If you are wondering about the original and need to refresh your ears on it, hear it here:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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