Thrill You Kill You’s ‘Riding On Your Misery’ Is Fuzzy Indie Pop with a Sad, Irreverent Tone

7 28 18 Thrill You Kill You.jpgThrill You Kill You’s ‘Riding On Your Misery’ is fuzzy indie pop with an irreverent, punky point of view. Fei-Fei, the mind behind this project, said, “‘Riding On Your Misery’ is a fuck-you to everyone who said I wasn’t good enough.” The individualistic, one-woman approach on here really comes through. This really does feel like the embodiment of a single person’s vision. The consistent, pumping bass line that guides the track through its various parts is a delightfully organic way to establish rhythm in a largely electronic piece. Behind that, some trappy synthesized percussion lays out the base for the fleeting synths and other various mechanized noises that give this track its personality. Over everything, Fei-Fei’s sweet, honest and ethereal vocal sensibility ties the bow on this pensively miserable, yet somehow hopeful environment. This track is absolutely worth a listen. Check out ‘Riding On Your Misery’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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