Twiceyoung’s ‘Uneven Kind’ Is Dynamic, Intense Electro-Pop with Tons of Soul

7 29 18 Twiceyoung.jpgTwiceyoung’s ‘Uneven Kind’ is dynamic, intense electro-pop with tons of soul. Entertainment Weekly says the duo is “destined to be a cult sensation, if not something bigger.” Buzznet describes their sound as, “a stunning array of exquisite ethereal instrumentation that both ignites a personal spark and opens up old wounds only to heal them again beautifully.” There’s kind of a minimalist sensibility on here that really gives the track a lot of power. The whirring, dramatic synths and samples that make up the track often sound like some sort of industrial machinery working mindlessly in the piece’s background. Of course, we know that every crackle and pop was placed in its position with purpose. On top of that, the vocal performance is sweet and airy, yet full and solid. This set of lungs could give most professional singers a run for their money. If ‘Uneven Kind’ could be put into a single word, it would probably be effortless – it slides in and out of the listener’s consciousness with such ease. Check the track out below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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