Two Feet & Madison Love’s “Hurt People” will Set Your Speakers on Fire!

Young indie-pop vocalist, guitarist and producer Bill Dess, known under the artist name as Two Feet has teamed up with Madison Love in a duet that will set your speakers on fire. The New York Native has released the song “Hurt People” with a contagious hook and a sound that is hard to not fall madly in love with. The song has elements of indie-rock and EDM and Two Feet is able to combine genres that don’t normally mesh in a creative and refreshing way. All of the vocals on the track are moving and filled with tons of real and raw emotion. Nothing about this track is overproduced and the fact Two Feet mixes both electronic instruments with live instruments is something worth celebrating. Two Feet is currently on tour and will be performing with Panic at the Disco on many dates to come!

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More info on tour dates and Two Feet:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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