The Lost Wages sing about the “Highlife” in Amazing Country Banger

Hailing from the great land of Memphis, Tennessee, not too far from Graceland, are the brother and sister country duo known as The Lost Wages. They have just released a killer new song titled “Highlife” about partying and having a good time. It’s clear that the duo has quite an excellent time from the emotion and chemistry that is heard bleeding out of this track. “Highlife” is a contagious country anthem and is a remarkable first release that is filled with soulful rock n’ roll style vocals and guitars that hit you in the heart. We had the opportunity to chat with Houston and Cyrena of The Lost Wages to hear about what the music personally means to them.

RTP: What is your favorite lyric from the song?

TLW: “One of our favorite lines is “67 caddy and we’re riding rich, acting like we’re Hollywood in the sticks.” Our dad drives a gold 67 Cadillac with a “ROBN HOOD” license plate, passed down from his father, Woodrow. Highlife is about trying to do a big thing from a grass roots place.” – Cyrena

RTP: What’s it like being a duo with your sibling?

TLW: “It’s like working with both of my parents at the same time if they were in their 20’s.” – Houston 

RTP: Can you share your goals as musicians?

TLW: “To make honest work, regardless of genre, for the rest of our “good years.”” – C&H

You can hear the song “Highlife” on Spotify:

It’s also available on Soundcloud:


More of The Lost Wages:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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