Celebrate the Blood Red Moon with Drake Hayes Band


On Friday night we all got to witness the wonder of the blood red moon caused by a Lunar Eclipse which is said to be the longest of the century (source). A blood red moon only appears every so often. If you missed it you can at least hear an incredible song called “Blood Red Moon” by Drake Hayes Band. The song is a single from their anticipated debut full length album that will release on August 31st. Drake Hayes Band carries the spirit of Country-Americana music in both the songwriting and the vocal tone and melody. The song is quite catchy and the band sounds tight playing together! Go hear this song on Spotify:

Drake Hayes Band is an unsigned act from Lubbock, Texas. They are working their way up to the top! Here’s a quote from Drake himself:

“Every once in a while everybody needs to let loose. This song is about going all out. That one night you just know something’s about to go down, and you’re going to ride it out and forget about your worries for a little while.” – Drake Hayes

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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