Sazzie teams up with Mix Master Mike for Ultimate Work Out Jam

Sazzie (ex-The Good Natured) has teamed up with legendary Beastie Boys member Mix Master Mike for the ultimate work out jam that was inspired from corny pick up lines. The lyrics in the song actually make fun of excessive gym-culture and hot-bods but the beat and production of the track actually make for a perfect rhythm to lift weights to, run on the treadmill, and get ripped to! You’ll be surprised how fast you can run when this track gets in your ears and amps up your brain to get moving! The song features an upbeat track and big synth sounds that carry the fun vibe throughout the song. Now, go get fit!

“Lyrically Do You Work Out? is inspired by cheesy-pick up lines. I wanted to be playful and make fun out of them but in a tongue in cheek way! Sonically I took inspiration from Benny Benassi and Felix Da House Cat. It was amazing to work with the legend that is Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys. He’s so kind and talented’. – Sazzie x

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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